Frostgrave Gnolls preview

Frostgrave (an excellent skirmish game by the way!) is set to release a new plastic boxed set of Gnolls. They’ve uploaded a photo of the 3-up sculpt, held together with blutac:

Frostgrave Gnoll 3up
Frostgrave Gnoll 3up

These certainly look fantastic and more than usable in Kings of War – The Herd anyone?

Frostgraves previous plastic releases have all been exceptionally high quality, tooled by Renedra and are priced at £20 for a box of 20 models. I’ve not heard anything to say that these will be priced differently upon their release, sometime in July.

Check out the Frostgrave website here.

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  1. I’m honestly excited! I wanted to do something different when I started KoW and Gnolls were one of the things I thought of (same with mouselings instead of halflings), but there just weren’t enough models.

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