Winterdale scenery crowd funder

PrintableScenery currently have a crowd funding campaign running on Indiegogo for their Winterdale 2 scenery set.


The campaign is funding the creation of printable 3D files, so be aware that you will need a 3D printer (or access to one) in order to use the files. It is a good demonstration of what we can expect to see as the 3D printing technology matures and becomes more common place. The designs and files are certainly of an extremely high quality and you can see several samples from customers on their feedback page.

Check it out here.

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  1. We backed the first Winterdale kickstarter and had no hesitation in backing this Winterdale II Indiegogo campaign. The 3D designs are great and print out wonderfully. The campaign is just $44 away from unlocking the second stretch goal, and after that there is still another 8 stretch goals to go.

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