FourFootSnake podcast, episode 10

The ForFootSnake podcast has been released here, featuring yours truly, mostly discussing tournaments.

A Kings of War (KoW) podcast, with Nick, Jon, Dan and Matt.  Episode 10 and the team are joined by Rob Burman to talk about Wesley Crusher and the upcoming “Clocks of War II” – a 1,000 point, 5 games-in-a-day event coming soon.

There’s also some comments on “Bob, the event” held at Black Dragon Minatures and 20 minutes on possible “comp”…


0 to 4 mins : Introductions

4 to 20 mins: Clocks of War

20 to 26 mins: Bob, the event

26 to 46 mins: “Comp” in KoW

46 to 51 mins: Close

Check it out!

Four Foot Snake

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