Lost Lands blog: Trident Realms review

Lost Lands Games have posted up an in-depth review of the Trident Realms from Uncharted Empires.

The big news here is SLLLAAANNN! Slann, in al their bug-eyed glory are poised to make a fighting return to the table top. Not as fat wizard types, but as frog men warriors! Very exciting. Called ‘Riverguard’ – Pathfinder, Fly (slowly), Throwing Weapons, Vicious. The Slann are back, and this time they are ninjas! It just so happens that I have a bunch of Slann tucked away somewhere. I was going to sell them on the ebay, but now not so sure… I saw a batrep where some wiley fox deployed a spam-list of Riverguard and nailed the opposition. SLANN! Eh? Good times.

Check it out here.

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