Building an army worthy of Mhorgoth

This article will be focussing on basic multi-basing for beginners, using a quick and easy, yet, effective method.

You will need:

Some models

A suitably sized base

A pot of filler (spackle for all you US readers)

something to spread the filler (I use an offcut of plasticard)

To start, take your base and spread filler all over it (I used the GW modular movement trays as I had a load from previous projects). You want the filler to be level with the lip around the edge but don’t worry about it being perfectly smooth.


The next step is to push your models into the still-wet filler until the top of the disc is roughly flush with the top of the filler


Keep going until you’ve done all your units!!!


Once you get to this stage, reward yourself with a night on the beer, you’ve done all you can for now.

When the filler has dried, you can pop the models out for painting and you are left with some nice round holes to slot them back into.


That’s it for now, I’ll cover painting in a seperate article as I need to let these bases dry.

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