Hexy Treeman

Hexy Shop have posted up a fantastic looking treeman model, available for €54.00;

Set contains 1 Primeval Treeman resin miniature.
It’s big collectible resin model with height of 300mm(!) and 100x100mm base.
It can be used in tabletop gaming with 28mm and 32mm scale.

It’s multi-part miniature. Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

Sounds absolutely huge! The Tree Herder with the Medallion of Life is one tough SOB to shift. That’s a great model to represent one too!

They also have some great minis that would find a perfect home in Kings of War, including an Earth Elemental esque model and several Ogres that would make for great Shieldbreaker conversions.


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  1. They also have some Humans that may work well for the League of Rhordia, “Electoral Kingdoms”. The infantry would make for great Dogs of War.. Although it seems to be a conversion kit for use with the GW Empire State Troops weapons.

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