Varangrrr – Building to 2000 points

Varangrrr armies, like many KoW armies, can be built in a number of different ways.  With cheap hordes of low skilled troops you can build an army that has near to Goblin / Ratmen numbers, with some of the shooting troops you can get close to competing with Elves and with the elite units you can hit harder than an Ogre horde.

This flexibility of selection can lead a player down a path of over-compromising.  They will hear that you *need* to have a lot of cheap chaff units, or plenty of shooting units or a couple of hammer and anvil units…  But what happens when all these units don’t offer synergise with each other?  Or worse, don’t fit the playing style (or skills) of the player?  That’s when “net lists” or perhaps more accurately, “net advice” can fail.

I like simple armies to play.  I play 90%+ of my games at tournaments and therefore don’t get the chance to try out alternate tactics or hone the various skills of the game to a fine edge in a non-competitive environment.  As such, I like to play to a style that suits me – and that is a simple “advance forward, engage in melee and kill the opponent’s army”.  I used this rather successfully with Orcs (in version 1) and significantly less successfully with Ogres in version 2.  I’ve now started collecting Varangrrr and I’ve gone for an uber elite army.File_006

My previous articles on speed painting Varangrrr can be found here so I’m not going to go into much detail about the paint scheme in this article.  I built, painted and played a 1000 point army of Varangrrr and I now need to bulk it up to 2000 points ready for the Black Dragon Miniatures event this weekend.

Starting with my core 1000 points and a desire for a quickly to build and paint army, I built another regiment of Sons of Korgaan on foot and a regiment of mounted Sons.  I added a second unit of timber wolves and an army standard bearer on mount.  I then added a “Devourer” –a speed 7, 10 attack beast with a host of special rules and, for 15points, a breath attack (10).  I added the usual “Gifts of Korgaan” to the units that can have them and made sure that my Conclave had “elite”.  I was then left in the position that I couldn’t source and build more units in time for the event… so I had to go “big” on magic items.  Thus, I created an uber-elite army that has more toys than an Apple Store..  Wish me luck!

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