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The Editors

Nick “Daedle” Williams

Nick has been a keen member of the Kings of War community since the release of the first edition. An avid Ogre player, Nick is currently on the KoW Rules Committee and heavily involved in the development of all rules. As a self proclaimed terrain enthusiast, he champions the creation of high quality home made terrain for use in games.

“MDF terrain” is a dirty word for him…

Jonathan “Xalifah” Faulkes

Jonathan has been playing KoW from before Nick was born.  OK, perhaps not quite that long but sometimes it feels like that.  Jonathan attended the first “KoW invitational” which was pre-version 1 and demonstrated that Dwarf cannons were indeed, broken.   Jumping onto the Orc gorerider bandwagon (or fightwagon), Jonathan notched up several (4) second places in version 1.  With the rules committee balancing version 2, Jonathan has found his true home at events.  At or near the bottom of the rankings.  He has been known to drink one or two beers at events (picture is of his game 1 deployment at Clash of Kings) and he’s the host of the Four Foot Snake podcast.


Aaron “Bucket of Brains” Wilson

11898577_10155962016640228_1398000204948323313_nFor that matter, neither has Aaron. Tsk. I just can’t get the staff can I?!