Clocks of War II

2 Station Road, NG10 5BG

1000 point strictly timed tournament

At Springfield Hall, Sandiacre, UK

2 Station Road, NG10 5BG


The armies of Mantica prepare to head into battle against the clock, as War & Peace Games Club prepares to hold its second Kings of War tournament... with a twist. With each battle, the amount of each time each player has to command their army reduces - until there's only 15 minutes on the clock! Will you be defeated by your opponent or by the march of time?

Players will only require a 1,000 point army.

Tickets are £10 on the door, with prizes for first, second and third place. Please let us know in advance if you would like to take part because spaces are limited!

Click here for the Facebook event page.

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I'm Nick Williams, member of the Rules Committee and avid Kings of War player all the way through first and second edition.

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