Best RPG Online Video Games To Play For Free & Win Real Money

Latest Gaming News

The world of gaming is constantly changing, with new games being invented and with game fanatics following the latest trends vigorously. If you follow the Kings of War forum solely, you’ll always find how Kings of War forum members are always keeping in track with the latest news. For instance, some of the most interesting news that you’ll hear on gaming forums such as the Kings of War forum is that the gaming equipment such as PS4 consoles’ prices are rapidly going down. Moreover, there are many new games being released, including some very interesting ones on Kickstarter. 2019 solely gave us cool games like The isle of Cats which is a cool game with easy rules and great reviews so far. Also, we Batman Gotham City Chronicles Season 2, which is supposed to be groundbreaking!

If you enjoy historical board games with armies and fighting, the Kings of War forum has you covered, as the Company of Heroes, the board game is being released too! There are many more cool games including names Runes and Regulations, Bloodborne, Firmament and the second edition of Waste Knights!

What to Play Right Now?

The thing about RPGs and other games featuring historical figures, armies and battles is that they have a tendency of being an inspiration for future developments and versions of the games. Such case is exactly with slot games that have themes including armies, historical figures and cool graphics. For instance, many online casinos follow the trends of gaming which is basically why they develop RPG slot games for their online casinos.

So, if you are feeling kind of bored from the same missions over and over again and if you are looking for some extra thrill, legal online casino games that have different rules and a chance to win real money might be your next thing. In fact, legal online casinos offer a lot of benefits and promotions for their customers, ensuring that they have the best experience. These include casino bonuses like the no deposit casino bonus which allows the players to try out the games and see if they like them, and only if you do, you’ll choose to continue playing for real money.

Ultimate Tabletop RPG Games to Try

There are many reasons why people enjoy playing tabletop RPGs. They are old school, they feature a lot of enthusiasm, imagination and dedication. After all, we’ve all played at least some of them, right? In order for you to have the best gaming experience in the world, you must play at least the games from the following list. All of these are simply amazing and have a lot to offer in your gaming history. Here is what you simply MUST play:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)
  2. Blades in the Dark
  3. Feng Shui 2
  4. Bubblegumshoe
  5. Star Trek Adventures
  6. Fate Core
  7. Dungeon World
  8. Starfinder


Most Popular RPG Video Games to Play

Besides tabletop RPGs, video RPGs are just as fun, and they’ve been groundbreaking for many years now. In fact, many of the game developers that create RPG games have made millions of it, as these games are popular amongst audiences of different ages and categories. Here are the most popular RPGs that were groundbreaking, and if you haven’t we suggest you try them too:


Although somewhat cartoonish, Spore was one of the best games of its time.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What can be better than an incredible gameplay with unlimited paths to go?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Suitable for PS4, this 2015 game broke the records!

Dark Souls

Even if it is somewhat a creepy and a dark game, people from throughout the world loved the Dark Souls back in 2011.

Divinity: Original Sin

Playing your character and his or her story goes to next level with the 2014 game Divinity: Original Sin.