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New Scenario – Push


Before choosing sides, one player rolls a D3. Each player then gets that many Heavy Loot counters. Players then go on to choose table sides as normal.

When setting up their units, players may choose to set up a Heavy Loot counter as if it were a normal unit. These counters must be set up at least 12″ from the centre of the table and may be given to an already set up unit so that it is carrying it at the start of the game. Unlike Loot counters, these do not have to be set up 12″ apart.

Heavy Loot

In-game, Heavy Loot counters work in exactly the same way as Loot, except that units lose the Fly and Nimble rules while carrying one.

Kill Points

Players can opt to use Kill Points if they want for this game. If Kill Points are used then players earn additional Victory Points equal to the cost of any enemy units Routed.

Players can randomise this by rolling a D3 before rolling for Heavy Loot counters. On a roll of a 1 then Kill Points will be used for that game.


At the end of the game, any unit that is carrying a Heavy Loot counter that is entirely on their opponents half of the field earns Victory Points equal to 10% of the total cost of the armies. If they are not on their opponents half then they earn 5% instead. For example, in a 2000 point game, a unit carrying a Heavy Loot counter on the opposing half of the board earns 200 Victory Points, while one that is on its own half earns 100 Victory Points.

Add on Kill Points if they are being used.

If the difference in Victory Points is 10% or more in favour of one player then that player wins, otherwise the game is a draw. For example, in a 2000 point game, you need at least 200 more Victory Points than your opponent to win.