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An army in a weekend – Varangrrr

The Counter Charge podcast is running a “1000 point Army in a Weekend” event on the 26th, 27th and 28th of February.  This coincides with the Clocks of War II event which is also 1000 points.   The synergy was obvious to me so I’m taking part.

Due to really only having one day to paint an army, I decided to go for an elite army and chose the Varangrrr.  But what units would make the most sense?  I attended the first Clocks of War and I know that to play quickly, an army should have relatively few units; so my Varangrrr would be using the most elite units in the army.

Here’s my proposed army list:

  • Regiment of Sons of Korigaan (with a gift)
  • Horde of The Fallen (with brew of strength)
  • Troop of Tundra Wolves
  • Regiment of Mounted Sons of Korigaan (with a gift and potion of caterpillar)
  • Magus Conclave (with familiar)

I’m using models from Games Workshop, Hordes and Frostgrave to build my army (no mantic models in this army – which does make me feel a little guilty..).  The reason for using GW models is that they have recently released “Start Collecting!” box sets.  From UK discount retailers, these are £40.  The Slaves to Darkness box (aka Chaos Warriors) comes with 12 chaos warriors, 5 chaos knights, a chaos chariot and a chaos sorcerer.  By using multibasing, the 12 chaos warriors work well as a regiment of Sons on Foot.  The chariot and some knights make excellent proxies for Mounted Sons – note that as Varangrrr don’t have Chariots, using one as a proxy shouldn’t cause any confusion to my opponent.

I’m using a box of Praetorian Keltarii from Hordes as my “The Fallen”.  The Fallen are an “odd” unit as they are large infantry but height 1.  The fluff suggests a unit with masses of twirling blades so the Keltarii models really look the part.

I’m using GW Fenrisian wolves (from their 40K range) as my tundra wolves – again, using 3 on a base to represent a troop – this time as it’s hard to fit more on a base!

The magus conclave are being built from Frostgrave “Witch and Apprentice” models.  These are obviously smaller than the GW Chaos Warriors but I would expect mages to be smaller..

So – that’s it.  I’ve built the models and primed them (both allowed in the rules) and about to start building the bases (again, that’s allowed) and produced a test model (I used the Chaos Sorcerer model) to check my colour scheme and now I’m just waiting to start.