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Mantic Blog: Quick Silver

Mantic have posted a preview of the brand new Elf Silverbreeze cavalry over on their blog:

Silverbreeze troops range ahead of Elven forces. Peerless cavalry archers, they can pick off weak foes from a distance, but more importantly act as the eyes and ears of the Prince in command. Their lack of armour gives them speed, even more so than the swift Stormwind Cavalry. They can regularly be found outflanking armies on the field, or roaming the wilderness of Mantica – ever watchful for those who would threaten the Elven Kingdoms

They’ve also released a fantastic army bundle featuring the new models here. The set contains:

  • 5 x Silverbreeze Cavalry
  • 10 x Stormwind Cavalry
  • 1 x Mounted Elf Mage

This offers a £3 discount for just the Silverbreeze and Stormwind, and the Elf Mage, free in the set, is now OOP and unavailable from anywhere else.