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And pigs will fly..

Back in KoW version 1, the Wings of Honeymaze could be used by any Hero model (it’s now restricted to heroes with the individual special rule).  This allowed it to be used to create flying Orc chariots.  This was a nasty combination; somewhere between the standard Krudger and Krudger on Flying Slasher.

I’ve always been interested in conversions and the prospect of building a flying chariot was simply too much.  So – with a few spare models from the first KoW kickstarter, I started creating the ultimate chariot.
The first task was to create a pair of flying gores.  I started with a standard gore (remembering to use hot water to eliminate the gaps).  I then used hot water to bend the hind legs a little so that they looked like it they were indeed flying / leaping.  I then took the wings and tail piece of the mantic gargoyle model and soaked it and the completed gore in hot water.  These parts were removed and pressed together to and then glued.  By using hot water there was virtually no gaps.

The next step was to prepare the chariot.  I built the chariot as normal but added the orc hand holding a pair of chains to each side of the chariots haft.  These would be used to attach the gores.  I decided to attach the wheels to the chariot in a “homage” to the DeLorian in Back to the Future; they were turned downwards!

The final step was to attach the gores to the chains; pins were used to ensure a good connection.  A quick dunk in hot water allowed me to bend the chains to ensure the gores were parallel.

And that’s how the pigs finally got to fly.