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Terrain Review – Stonk Games’ Farm Hovel

Terrain Review – Stonk Games’ Farm Hovel

Stonk Games’ “Hovel”

  • Website:Farm Hovel
  • Material of manufacture: 2mm MDF
  • Detailing: Internal and external laser engraving of floors, walls and roof
  • Price (March 2016): £ 8.50 excluding P&P

Whilst I’m more than happy to build woods, swamps and hills from scratch, making buildings that don’t look like a re-painted cardboard boxes, is a little beyond me.  I came across Stonk Games via the Kings of War Fanatics Facebook page and decided to buy their Hovel and Farmhouse MDF models.  The cost seemed very low so I was a little apprehensive as to the quality of the models.  The models arrived promptly and my initial thought was “wow… this could be complicated to build”.  Thankfully, full instructions are sent to you by email and they clearly, through text and drawings, describe the building process.  The MDF is 2mm thick but each wall is actually made of 2 or 3 layers of MDF so the structure is solid.  The layers have laser engraved detailing on the outside and the inside of the structure, including the flooring.  Assembly of the whole model took around an hour, over a couple of days to allow the PVA glue to dry.  The mode doesn’t come with a base so I would recommend purchasing a sheet of MDF on to which the model can be glued.


This is an excellent value model.  The detailing and design touches are not the same as you get in resin buildings but the price is an order of magnitude less.   The model is sturdy and therefore likely to survive extended use.  Being MDF, additional texture can be applied to the outside of the model to enhance the appearance with little effort.  In summary, this is an excellent model for adding impassable terrain to your gaming table without breaking the bank.