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A Corkscrew Conundrum

The picture above was posted to Kings of War Fanatics the other day asking if the Knights in the top right were able to pull of a Corkscrew Charge into the Fallen in the bottom left. It’s hard to tell precise angles from a photo like this, but the short answer is most likely no.

It’s easiest to describe these situations with top-down diagrams rather than photos taken at an angle, so here’s my view on what the situation is:

These are the conditions that a unit must satisfy in order to charge a target:

  1. The target unit is within charge range.
  2. The target must be visible to the charging unit.
  3. The target must be within the charging units front arc.
  4. The charging unit must be able to move into contact with the target using a single pivot, or two pivots if it has Nimble.

1 – The target is within charge range

The Knights have a charge range of 16”. I can tell by eye straight away that the Fallen are within charge range.

2 – The target must be visible to the charging unit

No problem here. The Fallen are on a Height 2 Hill, so are Height 3. The enemy knights in front of the charging knights are height 2, so the Fallen can see and be seen over the top of the enemy knights. There is definitely a line that can be traced from the charging knights to the fallen.

3 – Front arc

This is where we have our first problem. I don’t think the Fallen are within the charging knights’ front arc. This is what it looks like to me:

The dotted line shows the arc coming from the Knights.

This is one of those things that’s hard to tell from a photo taken at an angle (even a photo overhead would be difficult to tell). The only way to tell this for sure is to lay an arc template down on the board for reference.

However, from the photo taken it sure does look like the Fallen are outside of the Knights front arc, so they are not a valid charge target.

4 – Must move into contact

Unless they have taken the Wine of Elvenkind, the Knights have just a single pivot during their charge move. This would mean that their charge move would look like this:

This movement would make contact with the Sergeants, not the Fallen.

If they Knights had Nimble then they would be able to make an extra pivot to face the Fallen once they had cleared the enemy knights in front, however Nimble wasn’t mentioned in the original question so I don’t think it’s available.


Yet again, it’s very difficult to tell specifics from photos like this however from my understanding of the situation, this is not a valid corkscrew charge. The Fallen do not look like they are in the front arc of the Knights, and unless the Knights have Nimble, they can’t move into contact with a single pivot anyway.