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#customdicewanker – Counter Attack Bases custom dice

I’ve resolved myself now that each army I build will have its own set of custom dice. I started with custom dice for my Ogres, purchased in the 2nd Kings of War Kickstarter, and have now gone on to purchase several additional sets.

I’ve bought my custom dice from Counter Attack Bases. The speed and service is fantastic. I found another company offering custom dice but I’ve had the dice on my doorstep from CAB faster than getting a quote from the other company. One time, I had the dice in my hands less than 48 hours after firing the email off to CAB – now THAT is incredible service.

CAB charges £1 per custom dice with a logo of your choice on the 6. With a bit of extra shipping on top, this means that I get a full set of 30 dice for £32. While it seems a lot just for dice, it’s actually not that much compared to what I spend otherwise on the hobby.

I’m very happy with the quality of them. They’re laser engraved and the detail is extremely sharp. The dice themselves are the sort of good quality you’d expect from Chessex or other wargaming dice manufacturers.

All you need to do to order a set is to get a black and white logo (I draw mine in Inkscape) and fire off an email to with the number of dice wanted and the colour of them, chosen from this page. Dan gets back to you with a paypal invoice quick, and they’re in your hands just a few days later.

I wholeheartedly recommend Counter Attack Bases.