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Bayou Battles XIII

2000 point tournament, 2 days

At Wyndham Houston West, Houston, Texas, USA

14703 Park Row, Houston, TX 77079

Bayou Battles is one of the largest and longest-running tabletop miniature wargaming tournaments in Texas.  For the past 12 years we have been happy to provide a fun-filled weekend of competitive and casual gaming.  This year we are not only switching to Mantic’s Kings of War as our featured game system, but also moving from our old home on the north side of Houston to a new venue in the Energy Corridor on the west side.  Whether you are new to the hobby of miniature war games, new to the Kings of War game, or an old, grizzled veteran of scores of Grand Tournaments, you will find Bayou Battles to be an enjoyable weekend!  In the past we have had attendees from all over the Texas, across the US, and even from as far away as Finland!  What do we have in store for you this year?

  • 6 games over 2 days
  • 2,000 point armies
  • Non-Mantic models are allowed
  • Painted armies not required to participate (but it will be scored)
  • Open gaming both Friday and Saturday evenings, including the Giant Bash after the games on Saturday!
  • Lots of Awards and Door Prizes! (budget permitting, of course!)