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Discussion Groups & Forums

  • The Mantic Forum. Official Mantic forums with large sections dedicated to Kings of War. Please note that some users are having issues accessing following a server change. Try clearing your HSTS settings if you have trouble.
  • Kings of War Spanish forums
  • Kings of War Fanatics Facebook Group. Probably the most active Kings of War discussion board out there!
  • Mantic Madness Facebook Group. More of a general Mantic discussion board.
  • Kings of War France Facebook Group for French speaking players.
  • Kings of War in the North Facebook Group for north UK players.
  • Kings of War Spain Facebook Group for Spanish speaking players
  • Kings of War US Facebook Group for US players.
  • Kings of War Australia Facebook group for… well have you not spotted the pattern yet?

Tournament Pack Template

This is a generic tournament pack template as well as a results and rankings spreadsheet. The template is ready to be filled out with the venue details and contains all the sections that you will want to include in the pack for your event. Feel free to modify any part of it at all! If you do use this pack, please provide a link to the Kings of War Resource as a thank you!